Designed To Stand Out

Our story

Waridi was brand born out of a need for better online shopping experiences. Founder Hellen, a fashion lover who regularly shopped online, found herself increasingly disappointed with the lack of durable, quality, and unique clothes from fashion brands.

It was this frustration that led Hellen to create Waridi. She knew that women like her, who appreciate fashion and lead socially active lifestyles, deserved better. Waridi was founded on the principles of quality, creativity, & durability and is committed to providing women with unique, quality and timeless responsibly made clothing at attainable prices.

Our Brand

At Waridi, we believe that fashion is not about conforming to trends, but about embracing your individuality. We are passionate about creating contemporary and timeless pieces that are not only unique and eye-catching, but also stand the test of time. We want our customers to feel confident and beautiful in our clothes, and to know that they can wear them again and again without them losing their shape or quality fast.

Constant Development

At Waridi, we're proud to be a brand that stands for something. We believe that quality should never be compromised, which is why we are on the constant journey to use the finest materials and the most skilled artisans to create our clothing. As of 2022, we're committing to using more sustainable and ethical practices throughout our production process, and we will only work with suppliers who share our values. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable, responsible, and beautiful future.