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noun [ wa-ri-di ]
A swahili word meaning: Rose and Pink.

Waridi brand is inspired by fashion and experiences from the owners childhood in Kenya, and growing up in the UK. The brands bold and sexy designs are perfect for your everyday events and special events.We create elite figure-hugging pieces with high quality prints and fabric for all body types. Waridi brand is all about embracing the confidence and power that comes with looking sexy regardless of colour and shape.We are an inclusive brand and we create every design with you in mind. A Waridi woman wants to feel confident, sexy and is not afraid to stand out. 

“Growing up in Kenya, I used scraps of beautiful printed fabric from tailors and old clothes in the house to make clothes for my barbie doll. Now I get to create beautiful masterpieces for real life barbies and that feeling is priceless !”
Hellen Onyango (Owner and Founder)